Giorn. It. Ost. Gin. Vol. XXXVIII , n.3

Maggio-Giugno, 2016



The importance of proper trigeminal information in cases of difficulties to become pregnant

L’importanza della corretta informazione trigeminale in casi di difficoltà ad iniziare una gravidanza

Antonio Ferrante1, Claudia Ferrante2


1   Adjunct professor in the Master “Clinic Posturology” University of Pisa, University “ Federico II” of NeaplesCoordinator Master “Myofunctional Therapy in Posturology” , University “Sapienza” of Rome,2 Physical therapist, Myofunctional Therapist





The present multiple Case Report aims at constructing a new hypothesis on the difficulty to get pregnant as a potential neurological problem due to a wrong swallow. The correct swallow stimulates trigeminal neuro-receptors of Naso-palatal nerve. This stimulation, through the intervention of Locus Coeruleus, produces serotonin and melatonin in the pineal gland. The reduced production of melatonin, caused by an alteration of swallowing, allows the prolactin’s increase with its negative effects on the outbreak of the ovarian follicles. The rehabilitation of swallowing clearly lowers the production of prolactin and normalizes the functionality of the ovaries allowing conception.


Key words:

Incorrect swallow, Trigeminus, Melatonin, Prolactin, Ovarian Follicles.


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